One Minute Review – U-Boat Reference 7474

My recent post about U-Boat visiting LA Watch Gang was the inspiration to this One Minute Review. Today we feature U-Boat’s answer to the Panerai Bronzo, otherwise known as the PAM 382. Let’s discuss how the U-Boat stacks up.


Surprisingly, yes. As I wrote in my previous post, what U-Boat has become is completely unexpected in terms of their new approach to not only original aesthetic design, but their attention to detail. This bronze reference 7474 is one helluva an answer to the insanely expensive Panerai 382. Albeit this piece ain’t cheap, if you’re looking for a high-quality, well put together bronze watch, this is one to consider.


For 12K, this is no bargain watch. The bottom line here is if you’re looking for something totally out of the ordinary, this is your watch, otherwise, there’s tons on the market to consider first. This watch will stand out of the crowd at 46MM, as well as hold its own with watches costing more thanks to the the highly decorated movement and case.

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