U-Boat And LA Watch Gang – Beer, Watches, And Some Pens, Too

Living in Los Angeles has its perks. As Kendrick and Dre said in The Recipe, “women, weed, and weather”. Although for the most part I agree, since I’m not much of a weed man, I’ll unofficially change the lyric to “women, watches, and weather” for this post’s sake.

Just over a year ago, LA Watch Gang was birthed. Four dudes, some watches, and booze was our inaugural meet. As the year progressed, the group has grown to well over 35 members, and so has the attention we’ve attracted from different watch brands. We have been very fortunate to meet some great people, who have allowed us to play with some great watches. A few of them actually had some interesting things to say as well…

And now we arrive at the latest victims to visit our passionate bunch – the gents from Kenro Industries. Brian and Ryan were referred to us by the Godfather, Mr. Adam Craniotes of Red Bar Crew. And when the Godfather sends people our way, we do our best not to disappoint (or make fools of ourselves, for that matter). When Brian and Ryan showed up with a massive box full of watch straps, pens and of course watches, we knew that we were in the right company. With no hesitation, the goods were on the table and the conversation (along with the beer) began to flow.

I’m sure that my brutal honesty is not a surprise at this point (that is if you read my previous posts, otherwise strap in) and I’ll be honest, the first time I saw a U-Boat, some 5-7 years ago, I was unimpressed. My thoughts back then were this was just another brand that shoved ETA’s into massive cases and had zero substance and longevity. Was I wrong? Yes. U-Boat is proving me very, very wrong by opening boutiques, designing new pieces with substance, and now offering an evolved product that impressed even the cynical asshole who is yours truly.

U-Boat is about design and they’ll prove it. And all they need to do to prove it is to hand you a watch to hold and examine. They’re still massive, which brings about some hesitation with me due to my wrist size, but after wearing every single watch that was brought out, my apprehension nearly dissolved. At this point in their lifespan, there is no denying the quality of their product. They are, however, somewhat limited in their capabilities. Do yourself, and all of us with any style sense a favor, and don’t sport a U-Boat with a fitted tux.

No matter what you think of the design, no matter what you think of the brand, trust me when I say this – go to a U-Boat AD and handle one. Even if you still think they’re not your cup o’ tea, I’m confident in sharing with you that from the finishing of the movements, to the robustness of the canteen style crown and the ridiculous strap offerings, this is no junky watch. I’m also confident to report that the brand has grown on me, not just because of the watches, but because of approachability of the people behind the brand, and the down to earth no-frills attitudes that make a good brand great.

For more information on U-Boat, visit www.uboatwatch.com or contact Kenro Industries at 800.741.0005.


Michael Senderovich

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