WEISS WATCH CO – One Minute Review

Made in Los Angeles? Yes, please. Hand assembled with prices starting at under $1000? YES, PLEASE.


Did you not read the introduction above? If you’re still thinking about buying one of these, stop thinking and do it. I’m not overly patriotic, but that “restoring prestige to American watchmaking” phrase on their website got me kind of choked up. Want another reason to pick one up? What if I told you that Cameron (the Weiss in Weiss Watch Company) does the movement decoration himself? Another? He’s a WOSTEP graduate so he knows a thing or two about quality.


The watches are not without flaws, but that’s what makes them great. The non-luminova hands on the Special Issue are a little flimsy, and the movement finishing is not something Dufour would nod in approval of, but that’s the point. It’s called the Field Watch, and I sure as hell would not hesitate to take it out into the wild to put it to the test.

They earn my respect because they’re not trying to be a gimmicky, overly designed, shit movement powered brand. It’s simple, immensely well built, and priced just right. You’ve just found your substitute for Hamilton, Mido and Tissot – non of which offer hand decorated movements for around $1000.

Get your fix here: www.weisswatchcompany.com

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