FIONA KRUGER – One Minute Review

Just in time for ol’ hallows eve, we present to you the Fiona Kruger Skull Watch Collection. Dust off those checkbooks!


Yes, it’s built amazingly well. Fiona is awesome, and the amount of work they put into it makes the price justifiable. Look through Fiona’s sketchbook and I guarantee you will want one (the watch, not the book…well, maybe the book, too).

This watch is big. BUT, it wears amazingly well. The lugs make it comfortable, and even with my puny wrists, it wears as if it wear around 38MM. Weird, I know, but this whole watch is weird. And cool. Weird and cool.

This watch is all about design and decoration. If you’re a fan of both, well you should consider getting in touch with Fiona sooner than later, because these limited production pieces will surely sell out soon.


It’s around 15-16k USD, so it ain’t cheap, but if  you’re tired of your Richard Mille and want something a little more funky, see below.

By them here:


Michael Senderovich



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