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It’s good to be back.

We went on a hiatus, changed our name, grew some grays, and voila, right back at it. This time we’ve chosen a slightly different path, however. Before we made the decision to take down our previous site, we took a good look at the blogs polluting the interwebz and realized that they are literally (pun intended) exactly the same. Okay, maybe “polluting” is a little harsh, but we’ve never been the politically correct type, or nice for that matter. Let’s just say that we are slightly bummed out about the bland, uber-detail obsessed, generic review-esque content. We get it, the details are important, but we also think it’s boring to do the same exact review, just slightly reworded.

Before you think this is an attack on the dozens of outstanding blogs out there, it’s not. And we’re not just saying this to cover our asses. What we’re saying is that there are enough sources out there to get your technical data – this publication not being one of those. Here you will find wit, humor, sarcasm, and a few expletives. Why? Well, if you want an honest, no-nonsense opinion about watches and the watch world, then here’s a future YOU’RE WELCOME.

What we also promise is to keep the ranting down to a minimum, hence the closure of this post with a simple LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED.


The Timekeeper Family

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